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get to know me meme [2/5] female characters ➝ Ultear Milkovich

"Goodbye my beloved people."

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"Ultear.. you are my mother."

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"It was hopeless, after all, me pretending to be on the side of justice… I’m definitely rotten to the core. This is the real me. I was about to kill an innocent human being… Without a second thought, I was ready to erase a person’s life… After everything I’ve been through, I still haven’t changed a bit. A witch’s sin? My sins can’t be wiped off the slate that easily. I no longer… have the right to live…"

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Now I want it. If I can make the world go back to normal by sacrificing my life, I’m ready to do it.

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When she was born, i felt like a light had flown into my heart.. My dreams were filled with her bright future… I was, so very happy..  the infinite possible futures her tiny body held… The power of life… My overflowing tears just wouldn’t stop. She was the proof of my life.. my tear, Ul… tear…

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That day, people all over the world saw one minute into their future. However, like a dream, it quickly faded from memory, So not many people would dwell on this mysterious phenomenon. But for wizards who were in the middle of battle, seeing one minute into the future made a difference between life and death.

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